Exploring adventures and styles for kids without the girl/boy stereotypes.


I’m Charlie; a mummy to two young pirates, we live in London and I work in PR. I started Charlie and the Pirates to share with others exciting fashion, travel, toys and products. The inspiration behind the blog is to focus on spirited kids that seek adventure, don’t fit into the usual girl /boy stereotypes and also love all things pirate. Welcome on board!

Charlie and the Pirates

My eldest daughter couldn’t look more ‘girlie’ but we quickly learned that she wasn’t going to want to join the girl pink stream – she loves all activities that are often marketed to only boys. Her love of pirates is well known amongst her friends and she loves nothing more than dressing up as a pirate or a super hero and climbing trees. This has rubbed off on her sister who is now going by the name ‘spiderman’! Whilst I love that our girls are all energy and keen to build superhero Lego etc… I get frustrated with the way toys and clothes are stuck to the pink and blue divide.


I started writing Charlie and the Pirates to bridge the gap between this divide and help me to dress my girls in fun clothes that look stylish as well as find toys for little explorers. We love to travel as a family so I have shared a number of our family adventures on the blog too.


I hope you enjoy and I would love to connect with bloggers, parents and brands to share all ideas and treasure. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as Charlie Pirates, don’t forget to tag #minipirates to share pictures of your adventure kids.