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Little Pixies in Pyjamas in the Rain

Charlie and the Pirates Pixie Dixie

Where has the summer weather gone? I am not enjoying these cold spells that have got me thinking about a pyjama blog post. I have a fab new pair of Ancient Greek sandals to wear and no sunshine to accompany them.   I had all the summer holidays planned out based on warm weather. But […]

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Monster madness magnetic toys

Tegu Magnet Monster Toys on Charlie and the Pirates

Half-term monster madness is over… no more cancelled flights, late nights for little people followed by sleepy mornings and crazy paddling pool play dates. We have five or six weeks left of the summer term and then it happens all over again for summer. Until then it is head down and work for me! This […]

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Winter Weekends at Woolley Grange

Woolley Grange Charlie and the Pirates

Now we are stuck to school holidays it is not so easy to pack up and get away for a family trip. However, for the last inset day back in November we packed up and went South West to Woolley Grange family hotel near the village (or may town) of Bradford Upon Avon. Why do […]

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Well Grounded Friends

Well Grounded Kids Co and Charlie & the Pirates

It can be lonely stuff working as a freelancer and setting up your business. There are lots of long hours working from home and not many people to bounce ideas around with in your office aka your kitchen table where I am usually Well Grounded these days (excuse the pun!). To date I haven’t had […]

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Have I become a ‘low grade tiger mum’?

Charlie and the pirates Tiger mum

It’s the holidays and in my head I am letting my 6 year old run feral and free. She is staying up later, we’ve been to the beach and swimming most days, we’ve made things…. I have taken lovely pictures for my Instagram account… all is ticking along nicely. But! In the back of my […]

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Roll-up the circus is coming to town

Charlie and the pirates

Diary mad – that is me. It is something that drives papa pirate round the bend. In the summer, leading up to the summer break, I go into over drive with booking nights out and family activities. I just love the spring months – I have these romantic visions of us sitting together as a family […]

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Bax & Bay guest blog

Charlie and the Pirates

Festival season is well underway and back in the days, pre Bax & Bay, when I had a ‘proper’ job I used to get a pair of tickets to every festival in the UK and hand them out to my team; always keeping tickets to a couple of my favourites – number one always being […]

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Madpax summer holiday packing

Charlie and the pirates Mad Pax

I am a couple of days into the summer holidays and I have already used the following words (on more than one occasion) with my mini pirates: There will be no ice creams if you do not listen to me I am cancelling all play dates unless you turn on your ears Do you know […]

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Sports day sportsmanship  

Charlie and the pirates sports day

Another parenting milestone / chapter for me over the last couple of weeks. … sports day. It is the milestones I am not prepared for that literally come and smack me in the face. As a parent I really wasn’t prepared for first day at school (I sobbed), the sibling squabbling (surely my brother and I […]

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Mamma Couture delivers us a STEM doll

mamma couture stem dolls charlie and the pirates

I am busy cramming in as much work as possible before school breaks up for summer at the end of the week… but I have had time to do a post on the fantastic STEM dolls by Mamma Couture.   I often think it would be nice to have a relaxed hobby when I have a relatively […]

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