Exploring adventures and styles for kids without the girl/boy stereotypes.


Charlie (founder of Charlie and the Pirates, and Charlie Made) would like to work with like-minded brands. If you have a brand, place or toy that is aimed at young adventurers and you want to reach parents that are looking for something unique, fun and style then Charlie and the Pirates is the place for you. As it varies from brand to brand here are a couple of suggestions on how you can work with Charlie and the Pirates:

  • We love to uncover new fashion, toys and adventurous places to visit. As long as they are appropriate for kids that are spirited in nature and inclusive to both boys and girls, we are on board.
  • Brand ambassadorships. We get excited about finding new and fresh brands to showcase on our blog and social media channels. We are continuing to grow our social media presence on a daily basis and this is a focus area of the coming weeks and months.


If you would like us to come on board then please contact Charlie at Charlotte@charliemade.co.uk