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Dr Seuss for World Book Day

As it is World Book Day, I thought Charlie and the Pirates should add a book related post and which better author to focus on that Dr Seuss. What Pet Should I Get? has been a recent addition and a big hit on board our pirate ship.

Dr Seuss What Pet should I get

When can we get a pet, or can we collect a dog today please? These are the two questions we get on a daily basis from the little pirates!


We love a Dr Seuss book in our house, ‘Green eggs and ham’ was a valuable asset when encouraging one of our pirates to try different foods. So when I heard a never-before-seen Dr Seuss book had been released and it was to do with kids and pets, I felt like we had hit the X that marks the spot on a pirates treasure map.

Dr Seuss What Pet Should I get

This book is the tale of a brother and sister who go into a pet shop to choose a pet. It uncovers all the questions and wants of a child in such a fun shop and on such a memorable mission. I love the ‘Make up your mind’ in large letters throughout the book and the children are familiar characters from other stories.


As you can imagine both our pirates were enthralled and it has really got them thinking about what kind of pet would be practical as well as what animal would be most fun.

Smiling reading

There is an added piece of treasure with this book as well because at the end you get to read an insight into the pets Dr Seuss owned. You get to see pictures of him with his different pets as well as gain an understanding into his creative process and how the book was discovered. It was all very interesting for our eldest pirate.


The book was released in July 2015 and it is available from loads of retailers including Amazon and Waterstones.

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