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Exploring Whizz Pop Bang

I am not normally a kids’ magazine fan, mainly because the ones’ my kids choose have a lot of plastic tat attached to them. This inevitably leads to tears as pieces get broken, lost, or stolen by their sibling!! But when I was given a copy of Whizz Pop Bang I was intrigued. It really is an awesome kids science magazine – 1. No plastic attached 2. It s full of fun science quizzes, experiments and activities 3. Its focused on gender neutral so includes lots of female scientists (a big tick for the mini pirates) .


It has a catchy name, which got my biggest pirate hooked. We also loved the random and quirky facts that appear throughout such as ‘What is the world’s noisiest animal?’ (Answer: A sperm Whale).

Charlie and the Pirates

Here are a few acts about Whizz Pop Bang:

  • It is aimed at 6-11 year olds
  • It has a fab easy to work out picture led key so kids (& parents) know what to do
  • Its linked to the national curriculum
  • Its only available on subscription

Charlie and the Pirates

We enjoyed making the volcano in the latest edition and it was surprising how many of the facts my pirate stored away in her head. I would say that a few of the articles and activities went over her head. That said, she loves the word searches and most of the doing sections.

Charlie and the Pirates

The brains behind this magazine is Jenny Inglis, editor. In 2015, Jenny raised a whopping £12,272 on Kick Starter to bring the project to life. Whizz Pop Bang is a family gig with her husband and three kids all getting involved in all the experiments . A graduate in physics, Inglis worked for several years in scientific publishing before having children. When her youngest started school her magazine dream was put into action and here we are today a few issues down the track and solid subscription growth. Jenny has admitted that her house has become a makeshift science lab and we say keep it up and keep the ideas coming because we sure love it.


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