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Go Ape Battersea Park Sky-high fun

I recently read Lucy Mangan’s article in The Guardian on the privatisation of Battersea Play Park and was genuinely surprised. We have regularly used the park for the last five years and have been pleased with the expansion of play equipment (although I am clearly too big to climb the really tall slide ladder bit!). I actually call it the ‘MIA park’ (missing in action), as it is so big now I always worry about one kid running one way and the other another (thankfully that has not happened)! When I heard Go Ape was opening along with a pitch & putt plus a pizzeria / café I was double pleased. This is mainly because I knew the pizzeria would have toilets (it was previously a long walk with a desperate child!) and there was half a chance they would serve decent coffee (they do!). From what I can tell the only equipment removed in the still free play park to make way to Go Ape was the zip wire (I personally had to really think about what was missing as there is so much there it is not a noticeable loss to me personally). I am not going to write about whether it is fair or not for Go Ape to open in a council run park as good points have been raised on social media forums on both sides. However, in my opinion Go Ape Battersea doesn’t take anything from Battersea Play Park (apart from a few trees I am guessing?!), if anything it has encouraged more people to visit the park and more people are staying as there is more to offer with the café and pitch & putt (both reasonably priced but I will come on to that).


We went to Go Ape the weekend before Christmas – children over a meter can go on the tree top junior adventure. Its £18 for an hour and you can go round as many times as you like (or in our case once as we weren’t the fastest). Our slot was on the Sunday morning and it was really quiet. A six-year old in our group really didn’t like the zip wire and it has to be said both are really high (the trick is for the little ones to go off on their bottoms with a slight push!), also it is tricky for really little ones to get the hang of some sections as you have to change directions with your feet and jump a little. But if you have the patience and like a challenge then it is well worth it, the kids come out feeling like they have taken on a massive challenge too! You ask the eldest pirate what the highlight of her school holidays was and this is up there with Christmas day! Here’s a short video of a little pirate on the zip wire…

IMG_9345http://Charlie and the Pirates Go Ape Zip Wire

We also had lunch in the newish café and the pizzas are delicious – £6 for a kids’ pizza but neither girls could finish theirs as they are a generous size. They also had colouring books plus the kids loved watching the pizzas going in and out of the open oven.


A thumbs up from Charlie and the Pirates!

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