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Madpax summer holiday packing

I am a couple of days into the summer holidays and I have already used the following words (on more than one occasion) with my mini pirates:

  • There will be no ice creams if you do not listen to me
  • I am cancelling all play dates unless you turn on your ears
  • Do you know how lucky you are

Charlie and the pirates with Mad Pax

Now my little ones have not been doing anything wrong, they are not terrorising the neighbourhood (yet!). It’s just they are on summer holidays and they don’t want organised activities and they really don’t want to listen to me– they just want to run feral and be free. I have worked out that you need a week of feral at the beginning of the summer holidays – this allows for snotty noses to come to the front and caged animal tendencies to be released. This means for me, I have to just go with the flow and let them run for it a bit. It also means that if I get totally lost in the Sussex countryside whilst trying to find my way the M23 I can be somewhat potty mouthed as it works both ways, right?!


So my advice to all mums at the moment is ditch the holiday camps for the first couple of days find your nearest park, beach or field then let them run wild for as long as possible, as often as possible…. I have basically organised too much for the start of the holidays and am regretting it a bit… We spent the afternoon at my cousin’s newly converted barn yesterday and they have an old sink in the garden, some sand, toy diggers and spades – this was perfect for my two. They just got filthy dirty for 2 hours!

Charlie and the Pirates with Mad Pax

Now we are braving it and heading off to camp today (I need some time to myself, so I asked the mini pirates what they think are essential summer holiday outing items to put in their new fab Mad Pax ruck sacks and this is what they came up with…

Charlie and the Pirates with Mad PaxBig mini pirate:

  • A mickey mouse
  • Sunglasses
  • A pirate hat
  • Sun cream (so proud)
  • Extra pants (err – ok – no idea why)

Charlie and the pirate with Mad Pax

Small mini pirate

  • A lot of toys
  • Chocolate biscuits
  • Fizzy water (so London)
  • A toy camera


I have already been caught short without wet wipes (just because I don’t have one on a potty or in nappies I have realised you need wet wipes for many years to come) so these will be included.

Charlie and the pirates with Mad Pax

What I love about these Mad Pax bags is they sum up their personalities perfectly but they are also easily identified when in amongst a mound of other ruck sacks at collection time from camp or when a little one is last seen scooting off down the road. It is more effective to shout stop the alligator rucksack than stop the little girl…

Charlie and the pirates with Mad Pax

My kids chose the half packs which retail around £50. They are perfect size for them and I have comfortably got a lunch bag, change of clothes, hat, water and suncream in the bag.

This is the first time they have done a camp together, it is so much easier having them both in the same place! I was able to get a coffee from the near by cafe and make sure the mini pirate was settled in (from a far!).

What does everyone have planned for the summer?


Charlie x



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