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Mamma Couture delivers us a STEM doll

I am busy cramming in as much work as possible before school breaks up for summer at the end of the week… but I have had time to do a post on the fantastic STEM dolls by Mamma Couture.


I often think it would be nice to have a relaxed hobby when I have a relatively stressful patch in my life but instead I tend to stick to my iphone or playing tennis! When I came across Mamma Couture at the fantastic Dot to Dot in London a few weeks back she had such a serene vibe I was immediately drawn to her gorgeous dolls.

Mamma couture stem dolls charlie and the pirates

The more time I spend looking into unisex clothing and toys – the more I want to just shout – girls get involved in science and STEM toys. There is such an opportunity to teach kids from a young age to explore and develop a love for science, maths, technology and the environment. Mamma Couture AKA Eva Berkes is doing her bit to break the gender stereotypes with her new STEM doll collection. Like me, Eva was disheartened searching for toys for her 5 year old daughter, she wanted a doll that expressed more intellectual and personal qualities (yes we shout!) so she decided to do something about it.

Eva makes the point that she wanted to “convey a true image of positive femininity” – she was thorough in her research to achieve this, interviewing 50 professional women working in the STEM fields. Eva found one thing that linked them all: they all loved their job and were passionate about their field.

Mamma couture stem doll

Interestingly, the numbers of women working in STEM fields is low (12.8% in the UK* and 24% in the US**), despite the amazing opportunities they offer. There are many reasons for this gender gap, and sadly one of them is that from very early on, girls are discouraged from following these paths through the choice of toys available to them in childhood.

To bring her idea to life Eva worked with Melissa Greenwood, a London-based illustrator specializing in hand-drawn bespoke design. Together, they created four dolls, their professions and their journeys, and Melissa’s illustrations brought them to life. The result is that each doll is completely unique, each with its own personality and style that will appeal to young girls.

Stem doll Mamma Couture on Charlie and the pirates

 is a Ph.D. student in Chemistry. Her work is helping to develop new solutions to make bio-fuels and solve the world’s fuel crisis.

IMG_5513Torielle is a Doctor in Computer Science. She founded her own start-up and now travels the world to share her knowledge.

IMG_5535Esha has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering. She designs and builds components for spaceships that will send telescopes in outer space.

IMG_5509Melissa is a Professor in Mathematics. She uses statistics to find patterns in abnormalities within cancer cells.

The dolls are designed and manufactured in the UK. The fabric used is 100% GOTS Cotton (organic), and the dolls are machine washable with a gentle program at a cold temperature. Each doll is sold with accessories that match her profession. They are not cheap at £55 but the aim is for them to grow with your child.

Currently the dolls are only available for pre-order but they will be ready for delivery come October. Checkout all of Mamma Couture’s collection at www.mammacouture.com and www.babyccinokids.com. She also makes gorgeous stick horses (and unicorns), other dolls as well as fruit and vegetables – all lovingly made. A big thumbs up from us with the new range… great Christmas presents….

Until next time

Charlie x

Mama pirate

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