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Happy Birthday Ma’am with Nana’s Manners

There is so much excitement about Her Majesty’s birthday this weekend. My little pirates both have some BIG royal celebrations to get involved in, and it is always fun to see the nation unite.

We’ve all had that eating out fear with little ones especially when you go to big events – are they going to scream, refuse the food or just chuck it on the floor. I recently came across this fab new brand, Nana’s Manner’s, which has an answer to dining with little people’s dilemmas. Nana’s Manners cutlery has the perfect shaped handles to teach little hands to hold and use a knife and fork independently. This new brand strives to build mini people’s confidence and is perfect for when you are all seated round the table.

The new start-up strives to build your child’s confidence through independent learning so that your kiddie’s table manners would even be fit for the Queen this weekend at her Royal Tea Party. I love the bright colours – red and green. They look so fun and better still no gimmicks on them.

Nana’s Manner’s cutlery is launching on Kickstarter late June. Make sure you visit their website here for more info. I am a big fan of Kickstarter so really hope they do well and get the royal seal of approval.



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