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Have I become a ‘low grade tiger mum’?

Charlie and the pirates Tiger mum

It’s the holidays and in my head I am letting my 6 year old run feral and free. She is staying up later, we’ve been to the beach and swimming most days, we’ve made things…. I have taken lovely pictures for my Instagram account… all is ticking along nicely. But! In the back of my […]

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Sports day sportsmanship  

Charlie and the pirates sports day

Another parenting milestone / chapter for me over the last couple of weeks. … sports day. It is the milestones I am not prepared for that literally come and smack me in the face. As a parent I really wasn’t prepared for first day at school (I sobbed), the sibling squabbling (surely my brother and I […]

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Putting myself out there

Charlie Made Launch

I have been off the radar over the last few weeks on Charlie and the Pirates and it wasn’t because I was home eating Easter Eggs. I have been a particularly busy bunny firstly back in my day job as a freelance PR exec, secondly working on a revamp for Charlie and the Pirates (which […]

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