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Monster madness magnetic toys

Half-term monster madness is over… no more cancelled flights, late nights for little people followed by sleepy mornings and crazy paddling pool play dates. We have five or six weeks left of the summer term and then it happens all over again for summer. Until then it is head down and work for me!

Tegu Monster Magnet Toys on Charlie and the Pirates

This means I want my house back in order. I want a clear to do list and I want to have ‘eBayed’ pretty much everything not being used! Chances of this happening are pretty small. It is taking me a while to get used to working from home again, after spending the last few months back in an office. Hence why I have been so slow on the blog!

Toys of the Week.

The mini pirates have been mini beast and monster mad this last week. We now have a very dedicated bug hotel that is receiving a 7 star service from the little people in the house. We also opened an amazing gift from Tegu, including Magnetic wooden blocks with two monsters called Beans and Tum Tum.

Tegu Magnet Monster Toys on Charlie and the Pirates

Magnets are a big hit in our house and I committed a Tegu fail when I told the mini pirates to locate the instructions for this new toy and see what you are supposed to build. No, no, no – the whole premise of these little blocks is to go mad and for the kids to use their own imagination. The aim is to build what they like and test the boundaries of the different shape and size blocks.


You can see from these pictures the kids have had a blast with this toy. The girls went quiet with them for a good hour, which I think is bloody brilliant!!

Tegu Magnet Monster Toys on Charlie and the Pirates


Loads of shapes and sizes, funny faces, magnets, fun drawings with ideas on the box… what is not to like? On my part it is wooden and not plastic…. Simply put, it is creative and fun without a load of mess (unlike the bug hotel). Our box has 30 pieces and there were enough for both of them although the face pieces were fought over! We loved the colours … just a bit different from the normal red and blue (you will note it blended nicely with my kitchen rug!).


Another great magnet option is mag formers … the only down side on this game is it is plastic but it is a bit more technical for our older pirates.


But I don’t want to take away from our Tegu love as both mini pirates have been fully absorbed in our new monster friends. Tegu comes in loads of different packs and sizes. Also, it is not all monsters there are animals and cars go check them out on Amazon. You can buy all their products on Amazon and have some pretty major retailer partners too including The White Company and Little Alligator.


Just wanted to point out – this is not a sponsored post but we were given the toys by Tegu, which we are very grateful for.

Tegu Monster Magnet Toys on Charlie and the Pirates

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