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Well Grounded Friends

It can be lonely stuff working as a freelancer and setting up your business. There are lots of long hours working from home and not many people to bounce ideas around with in your office aka your kitchen table where I am usually Well Grounded these days (excuse the pun!). To date I haven’t had any constructive feedback from my 4 year old apart from Mummy is it cartoon time!


I came across Mothers Meetings on Instagram (of course) and thought I would head along one day last spring. I walked in with the usual nerves and had no idea what to expect (I didnt have a babe in arms and I wasn’t really sure where I was going with Charlie & the Pirates or Charlie Made). On top of that everyone looked uber cool and I was running late as usual. Little did I know that I would end up sitting next to someone who lives a few streets away from me south of the river and that a partnership would spring into action.


We got chatting and said we would stay in touch – turns out it was one of the most productive mornings I was to have all year! I now count Jenny, founder of recently launched kids fashion label Well Grounded Kids Co as a good friend as well as colleague. She has offered invaluable advice for my work and we have now started working together with her label. I love our Wednesday working sessions – it is great for me to have some routine in the crazy world of freelance mummy life. It has also kept me motivated about my own work, I have never had so much self doubt since branching out on my own, crazy because I have dealt with some interesting and demanded characters throughout my PR career. But, finding someone to work alongside changes a lot. Watch this space with more to come from Well Grounded Kids Co and Charlie & the Pirates….

Well Grounded Kids and Charlie & the Pirates

My mini pirates are also huge fans of this exciting label. Last summer I took the kids to Jenny’s house and let them loose on her clothes rail and treasure chest. Surprisingly it was the bigger pirate that went on the rampage – you see her favourite colour is red and the lure of a red tracksuit got her head in a spin. Here is her top pick of pieces:

Well Grounded Kids Co and Charlie & the Pirates

Red Arrow Track Pants £25

Red Arrow Jacket £28

Racoon t-shirt £15

Well Grounded Kids Co and Charlie & the Pirates

The mini pirate isn’t a fan of dressing up in public apparently but I did get some lovely snuggles on my lapin her Well Grounded Kids Co t-shirt and leggings.

Well Grounded Kids Co and Charlie & the Pirates

If you go to the Well Grounded Kids Co website you can get 15% of your first order!! The exciting new brand comes from founder, Jenny Voyce’s belief that there two sides to children – little people can be well grounded and tuned into a ‘worldly knowledge’, or well grounded from being caught in some kind of mischief!


The first collection ‘Woodland Adventure’ uncovers what children believe they would find in the woods across the UK. The pieces feature patterns and prints inspired by what kids imagine they might find when exploring a forest, what creatures they would meet and what games they could play. The range is aimed at kids from as young as two to 12 years old.

Enjoy and let me know what you think of these fab clothes.



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