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Winter sun style for unisex inspired kids

Going to a sunnier clime when it is cold and wet at home is not something I did as a child, so getting to do it now is a major treat.

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However, I inevitably find that one (or both) of my little pirates has grown a few inches. This is where small labels save the day, as many high retailers don’t have much in stock for beach holidays during winter.

Beanie and Bear

Here are a few ideas on where and what to shop for winter sun:

Beanie & Bear


These pieces are so unique and the designs so amazing, we are hooked on Beanie & Bear. Having been through the wash, the sea and in the pool loads of times the bright pink frills are still looking hot hot hot. Next on my wish list from this amazing Mum, graphic designer now turned kids swimwear designer are the lightening bolt shorts (as seen in the picture). They are under the boy header but look great on girls too. You can get 15% off your first order when you sign up to the newsletter.

Shorts from £40, bikini bottoms from £30, bikini tops from £24 and t-shirts from £30. Retailers include Littleflea


Indikidual collage

Having just come back from Mexico I am loving the sombrero, as well as banana prints on these Indikidual jumpsuits, t-shirts and sweater. It is a UK brand of organic unisex children’s clothes with a Scandinavian influence. This latest range definitely has a tropical / Central American vibe – very cool.

Prices start from £18.50 and retailers include Sidney Boo, Kyna Boutique and Alex & Alexa


Salt Water sandals

saltwater Collage

I first fell in love with this brand when I saw a friend’s little one in a brilliant red pair a couple of years ago. They are an American cult classic having been around since the 1940s. It is the water resistant sealant on the leather and the way they mold with little feet that make them so durable. They simply look timeless, sensible as well as damn cool on small people. I am personally in love with the red but there are so many colours to choose from.

Red Salt-Water originals £55. Retailers include Salt Water Sandals Europe and Olive Loves Alfie.


Mini Rodini

Mini R collage

This brand is all about bright, vibrant and fun prints. The brainchild of Swedish illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin, Mini Rodini puts the fun into kids fashion. I am particularly taken by the dolphin t-shirt, along with the crocodile shorts, whale dress and fish print hat.

Prices start from £25 upwards but lots are currently on sale at Alex & Alexa.

Now go get some sun….




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